Picture Album and Songbook Photos

This a great photo of an old 60's picture and songbook album. Lester is leanin' in and shucking the corn with Earl and the Foggy Mtn. Boys chiming in!!

This great photo  shows an image of the great times this group had and how much they enjoy the music!!

Another cover from a mid-60's tour book!!


This is a nice photo of Lester and Earl. Don't you just love the great bow-ties they have on!! First class all the way!!

Another great photo of the dynamic duo!!

This is a look inside one of their rare tour books!!

This isn't a good scan, but notice who their booking agent was!! Mrs. Earl Scruggs herself!! I wonder if the phone number still works?? Naw!!


I think this is a great photo!! I wonder where this guitar Lester is playing is now?? Let me know if you find out!! I think the white pick guard is unique!!


This is another scan but try to see who is in the photos. It's granny, Jed and Ellie Mae from the Beverly Hillbillies. Also, there are photos from their Carnegie Hall and Hollywood Bowl Performances!! Just great!!

Another old songbook photo cover!! I would have liked to have been the cameraman!! Not alot of sophisticated equipment sittin around is there??

This is another poor scan but if you look real hard you can read some of their accomplishments!! Truly, Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys were legends without question!!


This is a photo of some of the Foggy Mountain Boys autographs!!

Another great photo album cover listing many of their accomplishments!!

Some misc. photos from inside one of the photo albums!! Doesn'y Granny look poised and relaxed??

This is a nice old cover from an early Songbook!!

More photos of the Beverly Hillbilliy years. The photo on the bottom left show them during their recording session for the theme song!! Also, a photo and description of the famous "Scruggs Tuners" which Earl designed which are used extensively today!!


This page has extensive info on their main sponsor "Martha White Flour". The center left photo shows Mr. Cohen Williams, President of Martha White Mills Inc.!!
"You bake better biscuit, cakes and pies. With Martha White Self Rising Flour, that one all purpose flour, Martha White Self Rising Flours got Hot Rize!!"

Another cover photo. Folk music with an overdrive is an understatement!!

 More to come!!